Case Study

Institutional website for Getnet, a Santander Bank company.





Getnet, owned by PagoNxt, is a franchise that offers payment opportunities for merchants around the world in a simple, fast and secure way.

Getnet is the third largest payment company in Latin America by number of customers and billing volume



Getnet needed Houlak to build its website and a public onboarding for businesses wanting to work with Getnet.

The website had to look modern, clean, and appealing to new customers. The onboarding process had to be smooth, simple, and short while asking the clients to provide all the necessary information to have them join Getnet.

Getnet also needed an Administration Panel to set up some information for the website and see all the information gathered through the onboarding.



We designed a modern, mobile-first, single-page website to show what Getnet has to offer and how it can help all businesses in Uruguay.

Using React.js and Node.ts we built an administration panel where Getnet's administrator can view data related to the contact form and the merchants' onboarding.

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